Hold Rating: 200 lbs.

This is a light duty push pull clamp that locks in both the push and pull directions. The handle moves 180 degrees and the plunger travels 3/4". The clamp may be mounted in a tapped hole or with the supplied brass jam nut. The clamps can be used as a lever to pull cable.

PricingQty 1-99Qty 100+
PP-2 $11.66 $10.33
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Carr Lane:CL-150-TPC
Good Hands:#36204
2-D AutoCAD Drawing File pp-2.dwg
Product Dimensions

PP-2 2.025 0.5 0.31 2.75 5/8 -18 0.75 0.62 0.25 1/4 -20 0.5 0.94

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