Company History

Case-Maul Red Head Brand toggle clamps were developed in 1953 by John Maul. He utilized his experience in working for the North American Aircraft Company, building airplanes during World War II. His experience had showed him the deficiencies of the current designs. He felt that he could improve on the strength and operation of the toggle clamps. He developed the line of clamps and formed a company in Mansfield, Ohio to make the clamps. He partnered with Louis Case who had experience in manufacturing. The company expanded and grew between its inception and John Maul's death in 1957. Mr. Case continued production and expansion of the toggle clamps until 1994.

In 1994, the company was split into Case-Maul Manufacturing in Mansfield, Ohio, which performs subcontract machining and Case-Maul Clamps in Norwalk, Ohio that specializes in toggle clamps and brake levers. At that point, the operation of Case-Maul Clamps was taken over by James Maul (John Maul's son). From 1994 to present the clamp line has undergone numerous changes. One of the most noticeable changes is that the finish was changed from paint to zinc plating. Another change is that the base of our toggle clamps were changed to make them compatible with other clamps on the market. The company also shifted time and effort into the custom toggle clamps to provide expanded clamping options for its customers.


James Maul, President


Case-Maul Clamps, Inc.
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Toll Free: 800-300-4590
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Manufacturing Center

Case-Maul Clamps Manufacturing
71 N. West St.
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