Hold Rating: 1000 lbs.

This is a heavy duty clamp with a vertical handle and a channel bar with a fine threaded spindle which may be adjusted in height and located anywhere along the channel. This clamp tested stronger than similar sized clamps manufactured by competitors. It features reinforced bars, a rigid cast base and a cast link. The UA-8 model comes with an angled bar that provides additional clearance under the bar.

PricingQty 1-99Qty 100+
UA-8 $21.95 $19.64
2-D AutoCAD Drawing File ua-8.dwg
Product Dimensions

UA-8 6.63 2 2.5 1.63 1.78 1.38 1.25 0.34 0.375 ---- ---- 1 2.5 .19 8.69 70 105 1000 917

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